Augmented reality in automovite industry – Actum Lab creates authorial, innovative solutions using AR in automotive industry. Tuning appearance of real car using mobile application and AR?
Nothing easier – our solutions allow it. Our company prepares applications ”made-to-measure” and adjusted for the most demanding customers, as well as allow small companies with low budget for using Augmented Reality technology which use your authorial solutions of Actum Lab, located in cloud and offered with subscription.


  • Wheel rims – our technology allow potential customer on virtual trying and fitting new wheel rim to his car using mobile application on smartphones and tablets. User in no way does not need to mark the car’s wheel. Our authorial solutions allow to professionally pick wheel rims only using mobile application.
  • Car additions – Like in case of wheel rims, user can pick other additions to his car (spoilers, fairings, stickers) to visualize his own project. This type of providers, looking for distinction from competitors get perfect tool to achieve their “WOW” effect among potential buyers.
  • Visualization of the model made in configurator – using AR technology, car’s model made in configurator can be 1:1 scale with direct surrounding of potential customer. It allows for better impression and to encourage to buy configured car.
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