Augmented reality in marketing– AR is perfect technology allowing on efficient and attractive marketing. Presenting advertising content in AR technology guarantees to catch the attention of many people. AR mobile applications offer made by Actum Lab allows to enrich marketing processes in innovative way and to propose customers new dimension of interaction.


AR technology has limited use only by your imagination – each creative branch can benefit from its use. Currently we have developed scenarios of RR usage in several innovative marketing solutions:

  • Interactive business cards – we create solutions in mobile applications form on Android and iOS, allowing on showing addition content (3D models, 3D animation, articles, www sites) after tracking the phone camera on business card or QR code.
  • Interactive invitations – do you organize trade shows, conferences or other events and you look for original idea for invitations? We create dedicated mobile applications for any type of events including agenda, articles, essential information, approach guide and interactive content in AR technology.
  • Interactive banners – traditional advertising banners can be enriched in visible content after using dedicated mobile application and Augmented Reality.
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